You are responsible for the safety of others…maybe it’s a high school, college, or professional team, an emergency clinic, or platoon of fighting men and women. No matter who it is, you want your team or patients to be safe. Microbial Disinfecting solutions, Inc. is the number one choice. Our broad-spectrum disinfectants designed specifically for team sports, clinical, and military applications are proven to kill fungi, bacteria, and viruses such as HIV, SARS, MRSA, influenza, Hepatitis, E-Coli, Listeria, and many others.


MDS, Inc. solutions are available in sprays designed for various applications such as field spray, personal sprays, locker room systems, and equipment disinfectants. Also available are easy-to-use wipes, detergents, glass cleaner, and fogging systems. No matter the application, you can be assured that MDS, Inc, has a safe, effective solution to keeping those you are responsible for safe.

First Team Clean is designed specifically for team sports…high school, collegiate, or professional. First Team clean fights pathogens and odor in all areas. Available are sports wipes, sport detergent, shoe spray with special applicator, field spray for natural or artifical turf, personal spray, special locker room system with fogger, equipment spray, and glass cleaner.

Keeping your clinic or hospital rooms as safe as possible is a top priority. Bactalave is available in systems that fight fungi, bacteria and viruses. Our special microbial solutions attack these pathogens and continue to fight them as long as they exist. Bactalave is also safe to use…no gloves or masks are needed because Bactalave contains no irritants or alkaloids that are harmful to humans.

Conditions that military personnel have to endure are difficult enough without worrying about infections. Using AMS on a regular basis in showers, barracks, personal areas, and on gear provides an added sense of security to those mend and women who are helping protect us.